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Kit iot fluid 01

The new Inpro IoT Fluid & Inprocloud: The seamless IoT solution Level sensor with flow meter connected to the cloud for remote monitoring of product level and consumption

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Kit IoT Fluid 01: For remote monitoring only Remote monitoring of stored fluid level and consumption

Suitable for fuel – Oil, Kerosene, Waste Oil, etc… for water: consult
Ensure continued supply, optimising delivery, and monitor fuel burner oil usage
Remote spot and continuous inventory measurement, 24/7 monitoring.
Programmable alarm threshold

• 1x EDM level probe
• 1x VZO 4 Flow meter with reed pulser (Diesel)
• 1x MULTICOM c/w 230VAC power supply
• 1x SIM card with 500MB data
• 5 years Inprocloud Access


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Kit iot fluid 01

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